Breville BPR600XL Review

Breville BPR600XL Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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Breville BPR600XL

Breville BPR600XL Cooker
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Introducing the Breville BPR600XL Fast-Slow cooker which not only does its best for all-in-one slow cooking---sauté, sear, roast, steaming, rice cooking and simmer, but saves your time for user-friendly fast cooking as a pressure cooker.

It does tender meat in super-quick time under pressure, or rich and flavorsome tasting food in 8 hours when slow cooking. It's all possible with this great kitchen appliance that's a pressure cooker and also a slow cooker. Layer many delicate flavors over many hours for succulent, tender meals, or achieve the similar results ina fraction of the time when you’re under pressure. It's convenient to have slow and pressure cooking in one large pot , steaming, sauteing, and searing. If you want faster cooking times, pressure cook on low, medium or high. If you want to slower cooking times then slow cook for up to 8 hours. The main attraction for many is the ease of use. For many meals, particularly soups and stews, you really can just put all the ingredients into the large cooking bowl.

The BPR600XL cooker has pre-programmed settings for saute, sear, slow cook, pressure cook, pressure steam, and keep warm. This cooker also has integrated safety features such as safety locking lid, safety valve, and quick pressure release , so you can set and turn on without worry. Another plus is it comes with brushed stainless steel finish giving the counter-top cooker a modern look with an easy to read LCD display screen. Furthermore, it also included accessories such as stainless steel steaming tray and trivet, heat resistant spatula, serving spoon and measuring cup.

Large 6 Quart cooking capacity. Included accessories; stainless steel steaming tray and trivet, heat resistant spatula, serving spoon and measuring cup.

Overall, the Breville BPR600XL is a very good multi-purpose product and lives up to the Breville standard of quality, ensuring that you will enjoy long use of them. It provides many different ways of cooking in one appliance. You can easily expand your cooking skills into the realm of slow cooker convenience with this amazing machine. The Breville BPR600XL 6 Quart Fast-Slow Cooker is a great addition to the kitchen and provides in ease, speed, healthier and tastier meals result.

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