Keurig Rivo Review

Keurig Rivo Review, 3.1 out of 5 based on 134 ratings
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Keurig Rivo System

Keurig Rivo System
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The Keurig Rivo System is so named because rivo is derived from the Italian word for revolutionary. The simplicity of Keurig system means you can brew an espresso and froth any type of fresh milk easily by pressing a button. The addition of over a century of roasting experience from Lavazza to make cappuccinos, lattes and you have the most complete and authentic Italian espresso and coffee making systems available for the home kitchen.

What makes the perfect frothy topping for a cappuccino, latte or other espresso beverage? That's easy - fresh milk. The Keurig milk frother lets you choose any type of fresh milk - from whole milk to skim and even non-dairy options. Whatever you choose, the Rivo System creates the perfect froth every time. Four different Lavazza capsules: Classico, Intenso, Delicato and Decaf. are available at this time.

The five buttons are designed to offer three frothing types and two espresso cup sizes for that authentic cafe coffee taste in a matter of seconds.This simplistic setup works really well as you aren't left scratching your head wondering how to operate the damn thing. The removable 60 oz. water container means you brew several drinks before the need to refill. This machine use the exclusive Keurig Rivo flovor packs are available in a variety of flavors and along with the Keurig Rivo System and flavored syrups, you can produce the classic drinks, or invent your own if you're feeling creative.

Includes Keurig Rivo Recipe Guide 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty Product Dimensions:15"L x 14.25"W x 14.25"H

If you like capsule-type coffee makers, the Rivo will not disappoint you. In a market where marketing-hype is enormous,this machine is in fact delivering on its claim to make perfect lattes and cappuccinos. This model is indeed receiving 5-star ratings. While the limited number of capsules available may be a negative, we are pleased that Keurig has made things a bit simpler and instead focused on brew quality and consistency – and using arguably the finest coffee available. The Keurig Rivo will please those that go ahead and invest in the product.

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