Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker Review

Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker Review, 4.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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Soyajoy G4 G3 Soy Milk Maker

Soyajoy G4
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The original SoyaJoy soy milk maker was introduced by Sanlinx in 1998 and thus created a whole new categoty of appliance to the kitchen. Over the years, its design and features have been improved and so endorsed by many customers and professionals alike. Introducing new models, such as the SoyaJoy Plus and the SoyaJoy G3 Soy milk maker have been hugely successful. Now replaced by the newest model, the SoyaJoy G4 soy milk maker.

The SoyaJoy G4 milk maker not only keeps all the tried and tested features of the SoyaJoy G3 model, but has added new features and functions. A Microprocessor-controlled ,five buttons with pre-programmed functions, each optimized for making milk from beans, grains, seeds or unlimited combinations of them. The user only needs to press one button to start the automated process, including the new "Keep Warm" function. The machine is powerful enough to use dry beans as well as the usual soaked beans. This machine makes raw milks, hot soups,porridge and is more versatile than any other soy milk maker on the market.

The Perfect Grind design feature makes perfect grinding of beans, seeds, or grains to achieve higher milk yield. An enhanced cooking cycle means a better tasting product and also digestion for you. Soy milk is cooked for over 20 minutes above 200 degree F. to ensure the inactivation of the enzyme inhibitors. This new Soyajoy has an increased capacity of 1.7 quarts, which is the largest on the market. This imcorporates a clever water level sensor, temperature sensor, and overflow sensor working with solid-state power control to no boil-over and eliminates burning milk/soup/porridge at bottom.

The 4th generation (G4) filter-less design makes for easy use and cleaning because there are no loose parts to install and clean. The package includes a measuring cup, cleaning kit and color user manual.

Like the G3, we think the G4 is an obvious five-star choice for those who enjoy making their own vegan milks or soups. If you already own the G3, then the G4 is similar enough to not warrant an upgrade. However, for first time customers, the G4 does manage to exceed its predecessor and improve upon the G3’s popularity. The latest model adds a higher-quality surgical grade steel cooking/grinding chamber, larger capacity, and an even more powerful and efficient grinding system. If you are considering either, we would suggest spending a little more and going for the Soyajoy G4 soy milk maker.

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